Herbal Postpartum Bath by HealFast


Brand HealFast


HealFast is an organic herbal therapy designed to relieve pain and boost emotional and physical well-being. A handcrafted selection of herbs in a muslin bag can be used in a variety of ways. The herbs can be used in a bath or simmered into a concentrated tea to make ice pads and for liquid in a peri bottle. HealFast eases swollen, stretched vaginal muscles and tissues after birth. It aids in healing episiotomies, tears, and perineal bruising and alleviates pain from prenatal and postpartum hemorrhoids.

Watch HealFast's informational video on the different ways to prepare the herbs.

There are two ways to use HealFast bath:

  1. The herbs can be used up to 3 times when used to create a soothing herbal bath. Simply hang the bag over your faucet and fill the tub with warm water. Enjoy a soak and bring your baby in as well to facilitate bonding! Use within 10 days.
  2. You can also make a tea and store it in mason jars or Tupperware in refrigerator to make ice pads and fill your peri bottle with this soothing liquid. Tea can be added to your bath. Ice pads are stored in freezer.

For external use only. This herbal mixture was developed with the guidance of a registered herbalist.