Frank Henry and the Zooband Band - Hardcover


Brand Pigs and Pens


Frank Henry and his Zooband Band bring harmony to a disrupted Zoo with the Power of Listening, music and the Magical Zoobands. The setting of the story is the historic Bronx Zoo. Frank Henry artfully creates his rendition of Zoo animals and some architectural elements from the Zoo. His drawings include Buster, a Galapagos Tortoise and original resident of the Zoo. A sculpture of Buster adorns the base of Artist Paul Manship's Rainey Gate.

Our mission in this book is to celebrate the raw and expressive origin line drawings of a child. All children's art is divine. We as parents, grandparents and teachers must nurture and encourage artistic creativity in our children. This is one of our goals at Pigs and Pens Publishing. To learn more, go to: Written and illustrated by the father/son duo of Frank Henry and Paul Kamish of Minnesota.